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*ALL of our SEO is on a no Contract Month to Month basis. We Keep our Cistomers by getting Affordable, Verifiable RESULTS!

"You've more than likely, found our site through a keyword search!"
The reason you found our site, is because of SEO or search engine optimization.

Marketing yourself online in today's market is as much or more important than print media and much LESS expensive. *You are Not in the Business of Real Estate - You ARE the Business. And just like any business, It needs to be Promoted & Advertised. Luckily today it costs significantly less to do it on the Internet!

About our Online Marketing and SEO Public Relations Packages

See our different website SEO and online marketing packages below. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

Plan 1. Silver-our most popular. Your Cost is $100.00 a month and includes all of the following features:
A. New Content added monthly. (1 original Article added monthly)
*This is very important-Search engines want to see that websites are continually evolving and adding content. Remember Top page position is gotten by having the most Relevant Websites (results) for a given search term.

B. Site changes to existing content per agent input (Compose in word or text editor and e-mail us the changes)

C. Google analytics reports as well as Ranking reports sent on request. This lets you see RESULTS!

D.Youtube Videos added. We will create and upload 2 Videos per month on request. (If you need a special one for a new listing we will also add that in addition to the 2) Please let us know which properties you want a video for.

E . Word press Blog updates- Four new posts per month--listings and/or articles. examples:

F. One way links. Your site will have content with links back to your website added to at minimum 4 other Relevant Blogs.

G. Reciprocal Links added monthly.

H. Site submission to search engines and directories ( we only submit to Google initially)

I. Coding changed as needed.

Plan 2-Gold: Your cost is $150.00 per month and includes: All of Plan 1 features plus your choice of:
A. A National Press release-For more info see Press releases
B. 1 Property web siteā€”For more info see Property web sites

Plan 3-Platinum: Your cost is $200.00 per month and includes: All of Plan 1-2 and 3 features plus:
A. A National Press release. For more info see Press releases
B. 2 Property web sites. For more info see Property web sites
*If needed a 3rd property web site can be done in lieu of a national press release.)
C. Setup a page and add 3 to 4 Custom You Tube Video(s) your listings monthly. Please let us know which listings you want videos added for
*Note: Florida Agents signing up for Plan3 and 4 Platinum also receive a free ad in

D. Custom Explainer Videos Created SEE Example

ALL NEW: For Our Platinum customers (where we design and host the website) If you want we will set it up so you can edit any of your website pages and easily make immediate changes.

E. If using listing setup, Included is a NEW. Mobile Website . Let us convert your website to work on I-phones to Android phones.

F. One Way Links back to your site. In addition to reciprocal Links we also add one way links to your site. *This speeds up your listing results twofold at minimum. In other words it is a very effective practice.We use blogs that we control and not Blog Farms. All content with links back to your site are REal EState relevant articles!

G- All ORIGINAL 400 word article Article-added each month. All original meaning it will be written and added to your site only. The article will be found online only at your site or blog. 

Plan 4-Extra SEO Maximum All of Plan 3 Plus (Call for cost--based on time & what you want done)
1. One original Article a month written and submitted to Article Directories in your name (value $75.00)
2. Blog Directory submissions
3. Extra word press blog posts (we double up on posts)

**We have the software that tells us exactly who (which sites-directories-blogs) your competition is using for off site optimization.

*ALL of our SEO is on a no Contract Month to Month basis. We Keep our Cistomers by getting Affordable, Verifiable RESULTS!

Specific Features and Benefits of our Online Public Relations Packages:

Blog. Develop, design and create.
Add initial content and new content once a month. (The Agent will have access to add content whenever they want)
I use Word press which is a great format especially as SEO is concerned.
An RSS Feeder is added to your blog so people can sign up to receive it. In addition I submit it to Google Blog Search.
I also maintain the Blog, add links, appropriate keywords and Blog
submission to major Blog search engines on a monthly basis.
Benefit to you: Additional high profile (per search engine) link backs
and better site positioning Value at minimum $100.00
(Blogs can be substituted for an Article written in a National E-Zine)

Word press blog examples:

Link Additions: The Internet is based on links. If there weren't links, the
Internet wouldn't exist. Adding the right links (Relevant to your site and with
good page ranking is extremely important to search positioning)
Benefit to your business: Besides improving you’re positioning in the top search engines, links are a courtesy to your visitors. Ask yourself why web surfers
visit your web site. Give them what they're looking for by offering them links to related web sites. Links to related web sites show your visitors that you care about them.
Linking to the right sites is also a great way to set up a referral network with top agents throughout the country.

One Way Links. In our Packages 4 and 5 we add from 25 to 50 One Way Links back to your site on a monthly basis.

* Consider specialized one way backlinks as signposts which are set up for the various World wide web properties (generally blogs and web sites) which will generate a continual stream of links and/or exclusive targeted traffic to your site. Specialized one way back link building has to be among the solitary most favored marketing and advertising techniques on the web.

*In package 5 we add Blog comments to Relevant Blogs that specifically do NOT have a No-follow on their blogs.

Site submission
*It is vitally important that your site is submitted along with the proper classification (example: Real Estate sales in the Keys)  the Title of your site, the description of your site (a quick summary of what you offer) and all the Keywords that pertain to your site are also submitted to the top engines and directories. Note Google is submitted initially-from then on they index sites themselves.

Coding and SEO
1. Search engine optimization is the most cost-effective form of marketing available
2. Search Engine optimization will bring more traffic to a web site than any other form of advertising
3. SEO can help you to win new customers and increase your web site traffic
4. SEO can help you to generate more leads for your business
For more info go to Search engine optimization

Unique Content and Lead Capture Forms to build customer E-mail lists.
Web sites need to have fresh content added regularly. This shows that the site is a live Business site to the search engines. In addition it gives your site visitors more information and helps establish you as the person to deal with.
Lead capture Forms
We add unique forms to your web site that allow users to download or receive
articles and subscribe to newsletters by selecting the article and then submitting
their name and e-mail address.
Benefit to your business: Easily Builds a permission based customer list.

A National press release per month
Is written and submitted nationally in the agent’s name..
Benefit to you: Increase your online presence and create links back that help search engine positioning.
*To have the release added to Yahoo News and receive a 28 day link back
costs an extra $80.00…this is a another great listing tool that verifies your
online reach.
*Other companies charge from $299 and up just to write a release and does
not include submission

Individual property Web sites:
Two years ago, when homes sold just because they were for sale, there was little need to worry about marketing a home."Sellers are always looking for agents who think outside the box. They know the market is slow, and they embrace technology and the idea of doing something different, since doing the same old thing doesn't work any more.""The bottom line is that it's about casting a wider net. Agents that can find those methods are going to be successful,"
For more Info Click here

Note: Agents signing up for Plan 4 Gold also receive a free ad in (ranked on the top pages of Google for the search term Florida Real Estate and Relocating to Florida. Those search terms generate One million plus hits per month)

To sign up for one of these packages go to the Get Started Page


Agent Easy Site
Melbourne Florida 32901

5 Page $495.00 Responsive Website Design $495.00

*A Responsive site also works in all smart phones saving you a seperate Mobile Website setup of $150.00
Extra pages $30.00 each

Deluxe Responsive 20 page Site $795.00